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The Law of Attraction: Utilizing Color to Create a Highly Empowering and Productive Vision Board

By October 5th 2016

Coloring is more than just adding vibrancy to the pages of coloring books and coloring pages – especially if you utilize the Law of Attraction in your life. If this particular law holds relevancy in your life, you know and understand that by altering each of our thoughts, we have the potential to also alter the energy that we put out or pulsate into the universe.

As a result, we are then capable of attracting that which we desire into our lives. To successfully live the life which we desire, we must harness the power of the energies that we are consistently transmitting. To manifest the results which we desire, we must put a vast amount of energy into the thoughts that you project; however, there is more….

The universe is composed of energy. The lights of our world, the sounds, the magnetism, the heat, the electrical, and, yes, even colors are all forms of energy. All of the matter of the world is energy that is condensed into a particular form. Throughout history, numerous studies have concluded that energy has the ability to express its pure form to our sight as colors.

We can learn a lot about people, events, and situations in our universe by the color that those things put off – whether physically or metaphysically.

To truly harness the Law of Attraction, you must understand and appreciate color and know that each color plays a part in the vibrational scale that helps us transform that which we desire to reality. Not only do you “give out” energies in terms of colors, but, you may also “take in” through the frequency of colors.

If you practice the Law of Attraction, you must have a vision board. To create a highly empowering and productive vision board, you MUST utilize color.

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What is the Purpose and Intent of a Vision Board?

A vision board is a highly important visualization tool that is critical to the success of Law of Attraction practitioners. This board serves as a figurative “image” of the future that you desire to experience.

It is – more or less – a type of tangible representation of what you want and where you are going. It should include your goals, the dreams that you have, and other components of what you consider to be an “ideal” life. The mind responds in a strong fashion to visual stimulation.

By utilizing colors, pictures, and other types of images, you are able to manipulate your thoughts in a positive fashion and strengthen the emotions associated with those thoughts. The emotions behind your thoughts will then increase the amount of vibrational energy that you place into the universe.

The vision board is a visual illustration of your dreams and a critical element for success when practicing the Law of Attraction.

Utilizing Colors to Your Advantage

Yes, you will use pictures and images on your vision board. This is a relatively easy process. You simply pick and choose what you desire – through pictures and images – and place them on the board. Utilizing color is also a critical component to your success. This is a bit trickier, though.

Each color emits their own frequency or energy. The universe also associates colors with different aspects of human life. You must understand these frequencies and associations before including colors on your vision board through drawings, images from coloring pages, borders, and other important features.

Below, we have outlined the most commonly used colors in vision board creations and what each color may aid in attracting from the universe:

  • Red – Red is a color known for energy, stimulation, and warmth. It is said to have a very high frequency, in terms of energy distribution. If you seek to attract optimal health, passion, improved sexuality and/or sexual attraction, courage, strength, and power, you should use red on your vision board.
  • Orange – Orange is known as a cheerful, warm color. It is said to have the ability to free the mind and the body from various forms of repression. If you want to improve your health by eliminating issues with the lungs, muscles, and digestive system, orange is a very important color. If you are seeking to attract good luck in your life, fortune, general success, or multiple business-related opportunities, this is the color to use on your vision board.
  • Yellow – Yellow is a color that aids in strengthening both the nerves and the mind. It has been known to stimulate the mind and creativity levels. Yellow is beneficial to those seeking to attract improved psychic power, happiness, confidence, memorization, the ability to persuade, and communication skills.
  • Green – Green is a color that reflects both balance and harmony. If you are seeking to attract balances of the hormones, purification of the mind and body, abundance, prosperity, improved health, and safety for your home and family, green is the color to use on your vision board.
  • Blue – Blue is a color that is cooling. If you have a desire to experience less inflammation, resolve complications with communication and speech, improve personal power levels, attract peace, bring in wisdom, and improve patience levels, this is a great color for the Law of Attraction vision board.
  • Purple – Purple is a color that reflects transformation. It has the ability to heal issues with the mind – such as depression, delusions, addiction, and hysteria. It improves spiritual insight and soothes stress. It may help in desensitizing to pain, improves meditation, counter-acts various forms of negativity, and improves compassion.
  • White – White is a color that is said to be all colors. It is often referred to as the “perfect color”. If you are seeking to attract physical healing, psychological healing, purification, peace, overcome curses, misfortune, or bad luck, and want to experience a sense of renewal in your life, white should be used on your vision board.
  • Brown – Brown is a color that is popular when it comes to protection, family, pets, increased amounts of possessions, improving relationships, improving concentration levels, and overcoming financial hardships. It may also be used to attract loyalty from others, stability in health, and mental stability.
  • Black – Black is a color that is known to repel negativity. If you are seeking to banish evil or misfortune from your life, overcome addictions, want to open up the deep levels of unconsciousness of your mind, and desire an immense amount of power, black should be used on your vision board.

Colors are all around us. Our world is a vibrant array of color. Color, by all accounts, is not only appealing to the eye, but, makes energy and is created from energy.

If you practice the Law of Attraction, it is quite likely that you have created or are in the process of creating a vision board. This is a physical illustration of all that you desire in life – be it improved health, wealth, success in your professional life, improved relationships, a higher level of material possessions, improvements in communication, spiritual renewal, spiritual insight, or peace.

In order to improve the vision board’s power and improve your power – as a practitioner of the Law of Attraction – you should integrate colors in your vision board that help project the energy out into the universe that you want to attract.

It may be through printed images, images obtained from coloring pages, the coloring of the background of the board, or simply colors colored directly on the board in the form of designs (such as a mandala) or as a border on the images that are on your vision board.

The integration of color on a vision board will enhance the reality of each of the goals and dreams that you have illustrated on the product.

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