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Color Therapy and the Law of Attraction

By September 21st 2016


According to specialists in the fields of medicine, psychology, and pseudoscience, colors – and the various shades of each color – have an extremely strong influence on the mood. Using various colors – whether on free coloring pages, in adult coloring books, through art and other forms of décor throughout the home, to create outfits, or on the walls in your residence – has the ability to increase your mood, optimize your focus, attract wealth, and even provide a boost to your health!

Color holds such an immense degree of power over our lives that many Law of Attraction experts are now stating that the use of color and engaging in coloring-based activities has the unique ability to bring abundance in our lives!

If you are a believer in the Law of Attraction, or simply have a desire to experience higher levels of abundance in your life, continue reading this comprehensive guide to learn how the various colors may impact your life.


Yellow is a color that is commonly associated with spring, summer, flowers, and sunshine. According to studies, this color is directly associated with a high level of cheerfulness and increased levels of mental activity.


Red is a color that is associated with extreme levels of energy. This color is said to boost the respiration rate and the rate in which the heart beats.


Green is a color that is linked to healthiness. It is the easiest color for the brain to process.


Blue is a color that is known to soothe and calm people. It helps to relax and induce restfulness. According to studies, when blue is observed and/or used, the brain releases chemicals that are known to calm the body – especially warmer shades of the color.


White is often associated with simplicity and purity. When used in spaces, it seems to open those areas up and make them feel larger. It may also instill a certain degree of organization and cleanliness.


Pink is directly associated with lowering the heart rate, reducing the blood pressure, inducing calming thoughts, and increasing intimacy.


Black is a color that is often associated with mystery, power, and even a certain degree of seriousness. Furthermore, the color is said to invoke feelings of control.


Orange is said to be directly associated with the mental and physical appetite, effective treatment of breathing problems, and overcoming low levels of energy. Many have found it optimizes circulation in the body and aids in improving concentration. For those that have a desire to increase abundance with the Law of Attraction in terms of their career, this is an optimal color choice.


Brown is directly associated with thoughts that pertain to the natural aspects of the world. It also evokes a very strong sense of safety and increases comfort levels.


Violet is a color that is very important when it comes to the Law of Attraction. It helps to increase mindfulness and provides a vast array of success to those that indulge in creative visualization. It may also aid in the attraction of wealth.

Colors are a direct part of our world. Each day, we are introduced to a multitude of colors and varying shades of each color. Color actually brings life to our world.

For those that practice the Law of Attraction, color is immensely important. If you want to attract wealth, for example, you could color a beautiful mandala coloring page with varying shades of violet. If you wanted to evoke optimal health, you could use various shades of green throughout your home. If you want to soothe and calm the mind of impure thoughts, you could use white while creating various pieces of art. The choice is yours!

To use color to optimize the success of the Law of Attraction in your life, start coloring! We have many beautiful mandala and adult coloring pages to download.

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