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By December 30th 2020

Have a Copyright Complaint?

We take copyright very seriously.

We strive to ensure that our content is free of copyright. We share images found only on public domain sources. If someone publishes a copyrighted work on a public domain site, we have surely posted it unknowingly.

It is not our intention to steal your hard work. This site is run by an educator with the pure hope to help teach, entertain and enlighten our children. If we have accidentally published your work, please accept our apology. Let us know and we will remove the image from our website, or if you prefer, we can give it proper credit!

If you have found an image that was violates copyright, please contact us at the email below immediately so we can remove it. Include the image, a link to the image, and/or the name of the image. We will remove it immediately.

Email: bestcoloringpagesforkids@gmail.com

or, you can complete and submit our DCMA Complaint Form

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