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Hungary Map Coloring Page Hungary Coloring Pages

Hungary is a fascinating country full of gorgeous landscapes, fertile land, fresh water, and inventions! Did you know that both the ballpoint pen and the Rubiks cube were invented in Hungary? Not to mention the modern computer, the helicopter, and medical discoveries like Vitamin C’s role in nutrition and handwashing in medicine to eliminate germs. […]

Dancing Chip And Dale Coloring Pages Chip and Dale Coloring Pages

First drawn in 1943 for a Pluto short movie, Chip and Dale go way back. In the 90s Chip and Dale are two adorable chipmunks that run their own detective agency! These tiny characters fight crime with big hearts. The Rescue Rangers only had a few seasons as a television series, but most recently they […]

Hello Kitty Artist Coloring Page Artist Coloring Pages

Artists are pretty awesome. They can draw and paint the most amazing things. Some are realistic and very lifelike. Some are fun with tons of style. So many talented people. But many of them did start off that way. Art is a skill like any other thing. You can practice enough to become a great […]

Beanie Boo Unicorn Coloring Pages Beanie Boos Coloring Pages

Let’s get spooky with Ty’s Beanie Boos.  These adorable plushie toys with their big sweet eyes are sure to win over your heart. You can play with them, cuddle with them and now you can color them! We have a wide assortment of characters for you to choose from. So pick your favorite, or print […]

Basket Of Pansies Coloring Page Pansy Coloring Pages

Pansies are beautiful spring-flowering annuals. In some parts of the county, if planted in September, they can bloom for 8 months, until May. Pansy flowers are a wild array of purple, violet, blue and yellow. Use your imagination while coloring these beautiful pages. Bring them to life with your coloring skill and artistic pizazz. All […]

Bluebird Coloring Pages Bluebird Coloring Pages

Bluebirds are so beautiful and sweet. There are a few different kinds, Eastern Bluebirds, Western Bluebirds, Mountain Bluebirds, Blue Jays, Indigo Buntings, and more! If you love birds, the color blue, and own a blue crayon, you’ve come to the right place. Print all of our coloring pages for free! Bluebird Coloring Pages

Resurrection Bible Coloring Page Resurrection Coloring Pages

The Resurrection in the Bible is the day that Jesus rose from his tomb and ascended to heaven.  We celebrate this miraculous event on Easter Sunday. Three days after his crucifixion, Jesus left his garden tomb. He appeared to many people before ascending to heaven, to restore faith and hope. Teach your children about the […]

Pretty Umbrella in April Coloring Page April Coloring Pages

April is the season of SPRING, spring rains, new growth, and lots and lots of coloring! We have a great collection of April coloring pages for you and your kids. Enjoy the beautiful weather and downtime by coloring outside! Print them all for free. April Coloring Pages

Print Spring Word Search Spring Word Search

Spring Word Search puzzle activities are a great way for your kids to learn new words. Word Search games help your child find and identify words, build vocabulary and reinforce spelling. And they’re fun, too. They can keep your kids entertained for hours. Spring is the season when everything comes alive. Keep your child’s brain […]

Kindergarten Color by Number Fish Bowl Easy Color by Number Kindergarten

Kindergarteners and preschoolers are ready to learn. Easy Color by number coloring pages can help. It’s fun to learn numbers and colors for the first time and their minds are ready for molding. You can help shape their learn experience with coloring. Download all of our free Color by Number worksheets for Kindergarten and Preschool. […]