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Free Printable Christmas Tree Coloring Pages For Kids

Christmas-themed coloring pages are among the most popular varieties of online printable coloring sheets among kids of all ages. Children love Christmas and everything associated with it. Christmas trees, Santa Clause, hollies, and wreaths are all popular coloring page subjects and are highly searched for, especially during the festive season. Christmas trees, the evergreen conifer-decorated […]

Flag Of Puerto Rico Coloring Page Puerto Rico Coloring Pages

Puerto Rico, often dubbed the “Island of Enchantment,” captivates travelers with its rich blend of culture, natural beauty, and vibrant lifestyle. Despite its compact size, Puerto Rico boasts a remarkably diverse landscape. From the Guánica Dry Forest (one of the largest dry forests in the world) to the Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy […]

Santa Comes Down The Chimney Coloring Page Fireplace Coloring Pages

The fireplace was a standard feature in the household prior to the 1900s because it was the only source of heat. Gas and Electric heat changed the game, replacing the fireplace as a more convenient and adequate way to heat our homes. But we still may see it as a symbol of a cozy warm […]

Christmas Desserts Coloring Page Fruitcake Coloring Pages

Fruitcake is a standard Christmas dessert. This cake filled with dried and candied fruits and nuts goes all the way back to the middle ages, in the 1500s! People in Europe discovered that it was a good (and delicious) way to preserve fruit. This “cake” is very dense and sometimes too sweet. That’s the reason […]

Ryder Paw Patrol Coloring Page Ryder from Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

We LOVE Paw Patrol! And Ryder too, our fearless boy hero and puppy pack leader. Our young 10-year-old Ryder trains, motivates, and rides his ATV to lead these adorable rescue dogs into missions.  Children can learn about problem-solving and citizenship through this fun TV show and our coloring pages. Try these Ryder coloring pages and […]

Gabbys Dollhouse Characters Coloring Page Gabbys Dollhouse Coloring Pages

Gabby’s a special girl. But I bet your preschooler knows that. This adorable show is full of magic, creative crafts, and best of all… cats! So go on an adventure and color all of Gabby’s characters today. Let’s see what’s inside. Print our coloring pages for free. Gabbys Dollhouse Coloring Pages

Melty Candle Coloring Page Candle Coloring Pages

Candles are a wonderful creation that keeps us warm and lights the way. Wax on a string that burns for hours. Genius. People have been enjoying candles for three thousand years! They light up the night, helped us divine in church, and most recently they create beautiful smells. Are you a candle person? See if […]

Swinging Gnome Coloring Page Gnome Coloring Pages

Gnome coloring pages are very popular with people young and old. Are you a gnome person? These sweet old men, and sometimes women are there to guard treasures in the earth. They represent good fortune and protection. You may likely have a few gnomes in your yard or garden. If you’re ready for more, go […]

Berenstain Bears Printable Coloring Page Berenstain Bears Coloring Pages

Berenstain Bears is a book series that started in 1969 all the way to today with over 300 books published! In 2003 it made its way to television. Join Mama, Papa, Brother, and Sister bear in their treehouse as they learn about family, their roles, and relationships. If you love these books or the animated […]

Grover Sesame Street Coloring Page Grover Coloring Pages

Grover is one of the sweetest original characters on Sesame Street. Young children first met Grover in 1970 on their favorite street with their favorite characters, ready to learn and sing and have fun. This sweet cute little blue monster taught everyone a little about spelling, reading, and caring. And now he can teach you […]