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Connect with Your Kids through Coloring Pages – Part 2

By June 6th 2016

Coloring Pages Allow Parents and Grandparents to Connect with their Kids and Grandkids in a Fun and Exciting Way – Part 2

Thank you for continuing our series, Connect with Your Kids through Coloring Pages. Last week, you learned the importance of connecting with the kids and/or grandkids in your life. You were informed of the fact that most people regret not developing relationships with their loved ones and spending more time with those people at the end of their lives. You also learned that the first step to truly connect with kids is to develop the perspective of a child. By now, you have probably downloaded and printed a few of our coloring pages. This week, we will continue to expound on this very important topic.

Creativity Opens Kids Up, Emotionally
For a child, coloring is an activity that results in an immense level of fun and self-satisfaction. Most children do not remember when they started coloring; nor, do they remember a time when coloring was NOT part of their lives. Coloring is an activity that has always been, well, just there…. As a result of this fact, when a kids engages in the activity, it places them at complete ease. Creativity through coloring opens kids up, emotionally. If you partake in this activity, it will allow your kids and/or grandkids to open up to you. You may engage in a multitude of conversations during coloring sessions. Naturally, the more you talk, the more you connect. When kids open up emotionally, they will feel comfortable in expressive themselves with you and around you. This is an excellent means of connecting. If there is comfort, the child feels comfortable being expressive around you, and they see that you value the special time that you are spending with them, you are sure to grow very close.

Place Importance on the Process
When using coloring pages to connect with your child or grandchild, it is imperative that you remember that the importance should be placed on the process, not the final product. Coloring pages allows a child to explore, to discover, and to experiment. These activities hold the highest level of value when it comes to a child’s growth and their ability to connect with you. This means, it does not matter if the child stays between the lines, uses the appropriate colors, or even colors everything on the coloring pages. The important thing is – not the development of a product – but, the development of a relationship while creating a product. Coloring is more than an art. It is life-changing task that has the capability of producing happy memories!

Coloring Pages Encourage Conversations
If you are seeking to connect with your kids and/or grandkids through coloring, it is important to know that coloring pages encourages conversations. You may ask a child many open-ended questions while coloring with them. You may inquire as to why they are creating in the manner that they are creating. You may connect the coloring to real events in life. When you color with your kids and/or grandkids, you may talk, laugh, hug, and more! Coloring is an enjoyable activity that has the potential to result in long-term memories. If you are reading to get started, get your coloring pages today at: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/

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