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Connect With Your Kids Through Coloring Pages – Part 1

By May 31st 2016

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Coloring Pages Allow Parents and Grandparents to Connect with their Kids and Grandkids in a Fun and Exciting Way – Part 1 In today’s world of economic complications, immense professional obligations, and an exceptionally high level of personal responsibility, we end up having very little time left to focus on the children in our live – especially our children and/or our grandkids. While it may seem a bit trite, our time is very limited. We go from day to day so quickly. While time may seem, at times, that it stands still, it actually passes with rapidly.

If we fail to focus on our kids and/or grandkids, we will awake one day to discover that their childhood is over and those days that we cherish so much are gone. While it may be a bit challenging to uncover ways to connect with today’s kids, you should make this a top goal in life.

It does not matter what technological advancements are in place or what types of innovation direct the paths of our children, there is one hobby that will never grow old or outdated – that is, coloring. In this multi-part series, you will learn how something as simple as coloring pages will allow parents and grandparents to connect with their kids and grandkids in a fun and exciting way.

Keep reading for a multitude of ideas that will have you easily connecting and creating lifelong memories with those special little ones in your life!

Focus on Building a Relationship with the Kids in Your Life – One Color at a Time
We are all dependent on connections with other human beings. The youngsters of today need connection. We all have a biological predisposition to connect with others. Developing a close relationship with another – regardless of age – is a task that takes work, dedication, commitment, and love.

Numerous studies have been conducted on those facing their immediate death as a result of sickness and/or injury. 90% of all individuals who were questioned on their “deathbed” stated that the absolute biggest regret that they had regarding their life was that they did not take the time to cultivate relationships with others and/or not spending enough time with those that they love.

If you want to avoid having this regret, you should focus on building a positive and productive relationship with the kids in your life. By using coloring pages as a means of connecting with those kids, you will be able to build that relationship one color at a time.

Developing Perspective
If you have a desire to connect with your kids and/or grandkids, you must develop the perspective of a child. That is, make an effort to see and to understand the world as that child does. In essence, you are creating an invisible pair of special kid glasses that you will – metaphorically speaking – put on when working to connect with the kids in your life. In developing this perspective, you will find that you rediscover the wonder of the world that you experienced as a child.

One of the best ways to develop this perspective is to color. At first, you should engage in this task alone. This will help you fine tune your perspective. Once you have developed a passion for coloring, you should then color with your kids and/or grandkids. You should become “lost” in the activity.

As you work on developing your perspective, we will be working to continue this series. Be certain to return next week for Part 2. Until then, visit our pages today to download and print those coloring pages you need to develop your perspective by clicking on the following link: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/

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