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Teen Coloring Pages – A Highly Beneficial Emerging Trend

By May 29th 2017

In recent months, the search for teen coloring pages has reached new levels of popularity among adults, those that work directly with teenagers, and even teenagers themselves! Dr. Alice Domar – a psychologist – has recently expounded on the fact that coloring has the unique ability to actively engage both sides of a person’s brain. As a result, it is possible to become totally absorbed in the activity. Teenagers are consistently bombarded with a wide assortment of stressors. Examples include emotional stress, peer pressure, preparations for adulthood, and academics. Coloring offers teenagers the ability to sway away from those stressors and discover a whole new world of inner and outer calmness.


Enhanced Concentration


Teen coloring pages offer more than just a heightened level of enjoyment; these uniquely created pages result in enhanced levels of concentration. When coloring, the brain focuses on that activity alone. It takes away from the focus on stressors in a teenager’s life and allows that individual to focus on the task at hand. Teen coloring pages tend to offer more in the way of abstract art and more difficult designs. As a result, the teen becomes more engrossed in the activity and veers away from the negative and/or overwhelming thoughts that seem to plague the teen mind. As both sides of the brain become engaged while coloring teen coloring pages, the emotional part of the brain – identified by medical professionals as the “amygdala” – experiences a reduction in activity. Creativity is then enhanced and relaxation occurs.


Who Benefits the Most from Teen Coloring Pages?


While most believe that all teenagers benefit from teen coloring pages, there are certain teens that will benefit from such activities more than others. These include the following:


  • Teens that have learning disabilities and similar types of cognitive-based disorders
  • Those that suffer from depression and/or varying degrees of anxiety
  • Teenagers that have issues expressing their feelings or experience bursts of anger
  • Those that suffer from varying degrees of stress – be it familial, academic, or peer pressure
  • Individuals that suffer from social discomfort or have issues finding some degree of comfort in social situations


The Mood Effect


In addition to being highly beneficial in terms of relaxation and improved concentration, teen coloring pages have the ability to directly impact the mood. Research indicates that certain colors have the ability to impact the mood in certain ways. For example, if a teen uses cool colors such as purple or green, they will become calm. If they use warm colors, such as yellow or red, they can experience a heightened mood. Colors that are bright may be used to energize a teen. Pastels have a soothing effect. Dark colors may result in a deeply hypnotic state. Teenagers that are provided with teen coloring pages should be encouraged to be as creative as they like. They should be encouraged to color as they wish and with the colors that they desire. It is then that the teenager will benefit the most. To view the most popular teen coloring pages, visit us today at: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/coloring-pages-teens.html

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