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Easter Sunday Sun Coloring Page Easter Sunday Coloring Pages

Easter Sunday is a beautiful celebration of Christ’s love for us. He died, to show us that miracles are possible and that God exists if you Believe. Three days after Jesus was crucified, he arose from his tomb on what we call Resurrection Sunday. Easter commemorates this miraculous day. We celebrate new life in all […]

Printable Easter Basket Template Printable Easter Activities

Printable Easter activities are fun and keep the family busy for Easter. We have some really great cutout templates. Create your own easter decorations, construct an easter bunny, print and color a wearable mask and more. Decorate your home or classroom with these cute little Easter projects for the family. Print them all and have […]

Find All the Easter Eggs Maze Easter Mazes

Easter Mazes are fun little worksheets to help kids pass the time and get into the holiday spirit. Waiting for the Easter bunny can be exciting business. Help them enjoy the wait with our Easter Maze printable worksheets. Have them help the Easter Bunny find your house. When you’re done with these, we have tons […]

Easter Bunny English Kindergarten Worksheet Easter Kindergarten Worksheets

Easter Kindergarten worksheets are a fun way to get your kids or your classroom  thinking for the holiday. Kids love to use their brains, but excitement makes it hard to concentrate. Here are some great Easter worksheets for kindergarten children to help them stay focused and learning. Print them all for free. When you’re done […]

Easter Words Worksheet Easter Worksheets

Easter Worksheets can help your kids get in a joyful hopping holiday spirit. Easter is so much fun with games and activities like word search, connect the dots, cut and color activities and more. Decorate the classroom or home, do some math or English and enjoy a little Easter all day long. When you’re done […]

Easter Preschool Worksheets

Easter Preschool Worksheets are a fun way to get your preschoolers excited for the Easter Bunny to come visit. Keep their minds active with fun worksheets like word trace, color by number, simple counting and matching and more. Print all of our preschool worksheets for free. When you’re done, take a look at our other […]

Easter Puzzles

Easter Puzzles are such a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Keep your kids active and thinking over the holiday with fun puzzles. We have crossword puzzles, word scrambles, Sudoku and more. Enjoy the fun at your holiday party, at school or at home. Download and print them all. they’re free! We also have Easter […]

Easy Easter Word Search Puzzle Easter Word Search Puzzles

Easter Word Search is a great way to get kids excited for the Easter holiday. Put their brains to work, have some quiet time, or join in the fun. Word Search puzzles are an excellent activity for school, Easter parties, or just for home. We have some easy word search puzzles and some more difficult […]

Easter Eggs Color by Numbers Easter Color by Numbers

We know you love Easter. And we know you love color by numbers. This Easter, have the best of both worlds. Watch easter come to life before your eyes with these great Easter Color by Numbers coloring pages. There are lots of eggs and bunnies and a religious coloring page too!  Learn your numbers and your […]

Easter Bunny Coloring Page for Adults Easter Coloring Pages for Adults

We have a lot of Easter Coloring Pages for kids, but teens and adults love easter too. We don’t want to leave you out. We have quite a few more complex pages for you which are a little harder and take some more time. Bring out your creative self this Easter! Buy some pastel pencils […]

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