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Healing Colors: What Colors Mean in Color Therapy

By March 24th 2017

Color is nothing more than light that appears in varying wave lengths. The colors that we see each have their own energy and their own wavelength.  Because of these wavelengths, the  color has been used for many types of therapy for years. Color has amazing powers to make us feel certain things and it can help people in many ways.

The evidence for color therapy dates back many thousands of years. It was in ancient Egypt when it was discovered that colors could create a certain feeling. Color therapy was also used in ancient China as well as India.

Color therapy is a completely holistic and non-invasive way to provide different feelings in people. It’s been proven to work in people with high stress.

Healing Colors


What do the colors mean in color therapy?

Blue for example, is often used in medical sites or in sites where the company is handling a large amount of money. Blue colors invoke trust in the customer and the same is true of children and even animals. Conversely too much blue can cause people to be less than energetic. If you want to provide a feeling of energy then over using blue won’t be in your best interests.

Yellow colors can offer a feeling of energy but beware too much yellow as it can also promote too much energy and may have people feeling agitated. Mitigate the yellow with some restful colors such as blue or brown.

Green affords people a feeling of wealth and well being. It provides them a great feeling  of financial health so many banks and financial institutions use green in their website .

Coloring pages for children and adults can offer the same feelings of well being or help to provide therapy for people who are feeling stressed or depressed or even for those who don’t’ have enough energy. You can create images for your coloring pages that are predominantly blues and greens if you are seeking a way to prov ide a more restful atmosphere and outlook for the people who are visiting your coloring page.

If you are looking for a way to lead a child to a more relaxed outlook, you may want to consider using some coloring therapy and find images that are predominantly blue or green

If you’re seeking a way to impart motivation and energy, oranges and reds, as well as yellows may be helpful to point a child to a page that uses a lot of these colors.

Are you interested in more about color therapy and how it can work for both children and adults, as well as your pets?

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