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Give Your Children the Gift of Emotional Intellect

By November 21st 2016


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As parents, we want our children to be smart and healthy. Many times, we push our children to excel in sports and academics because we believe that this will ensure a strong future for them.

However, in today’s fast paced and constantly changing world, we are overlooking something very simple; in order for a child to experience happiness and emotional stability throughout life, we should give them the gift of emotional intellect. We will review some basic steps on how you can provide your child with emotional intellect in this article.

The first way that we – as parents – can give a child the gift of emotional intellect is to be a positive example in this area. Our children observe us constantly and they learn from how we act in every situation.

When it comes to setting an example in the area of emotional intellect, you should ensure that you are aware of your own emotional intellect.

You should always display behaviors that show your children that you know, understand, and are comfortable with your feelings and the feelings of those around you. If you exemplify this type of behavior, your children will begin to model this behavior after you.

When children are very young, approximately two to three years of age, you should start expressing the importance of being responsible. Responsibility can be taught in a variety of ways. You can teach them the importance of picking up after they have made a mess, participating in a family fun night, and/or choosing their own clothes.

If a child is taught responsibility at a young age, they will become more aware of themselves and the part that they play in the world. They will begin to understand that they are to take responsibilities for their actions. They also learn that it is important to be responsible for our belongings, feelings, and overall place in the world. In addition to this, responsibility creates a more confident child.

A very important way that you can give the gift of emotional intellect to your children is to learn to tell them “no”. While many parents may object to this, it is a vital step in the emotional development of children. If a child is told “no” in response to asking for things, or wanting to participate in certain activities, they will begin to understand and deal with impulsive behavior, the disappointment of not always getting what you want, and will eventually come to terms with things like this more quickly.

While most parents do not want to allow their child to experience psychological distress, sometimes it is impossible so that they may develop ways of working through these times.

If you want to raise a child with a high level of emotional intellect, it is imperative to ensure that you provide them with numerous opportunities to express their personal level and sense of creativity. One of the easiest and most exciting methods of succeeding in this endeavor is to encourage your child to color.

It does not matter how old they are or what their basic intelligence quotient is, coloring opens up the mind, enhances the emotions, and soothes feelings. It is a fantastic opportunity to connect with others, too – if done in a group setting. Today, there are many free coloring pages available online that must simply be printed. You should take advantage of those resources.

Last – but, not least – explain to your children when they are happy, sad, angry, etc., that these feelings are normal. It is when we learn to adjust and deal with the feelings that we are growing into young men and women.

When you see an emotional advancement in your child, praise them. Let them know that they are doing a wonderful job and will grow into wonderful, emotionally intellectual men and women before they know it.

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