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Geometric Coloring Sheets Help Teens Struggling with Math

By June 20th 2016

Is your teen struggling in math? If you answered “yes”, you may be pleased to know that geometric coloring sheets offer many educational benefits to teenagers that experience complications understanding and mastering mathematical concepts. In most early childhood educational programs, you will find that a strong emphasis is consistently placed on colors and shapes. This is because these are two of the most obvious and common attributes of our world.

Having a solid understanding of and an appreciation of color and shape are two basic necessities when it comes to learning numerous skills – especially those that are math-related.

By providing your teenager with geometric coloring sheets, you are not only providing them with an enjoyable activity, but, you are also providing them with an opportunity to understand and appreciate the color and shapes around them. You are also preparing the brain for a learning experience. In this brief guide, you will learn the educational benefits of geometric coloring sheets.

geometric patterns

geometric patterns

Geometry and The Concept of Spatial Sense
A publication called Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics outlined many educational benefits as recognized by the organization known as The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. These include, but, are not limited to the following:

  • If a child has a solid spatial sense, they will have the capability of understanding and appreciating all of the aspects of the geometrical world.
  • Geometry and spatial sense enhances a teen’s insights and basic intuitions about multi-dimensional shapes and the unique characteristics of these shapes.
  • Teens that are subjected to geometrical coloring sheets and similar media are able to identify the interrelationships of shapes.
  • A solid understanding of spatial relationships occurs. This, in turn, helps teens to understanding number ideas, measurement topics, and many other advanced-level mathematic concepts.

Other Advantages
In addition to the educational benefits previously outlined, there are many other advantages to providing teens with geometric coloring sheets for the purpose and intent of increasing their understanding of math. These include the following:

  • Geometric coloring sheets help teens to have an enhanced level of knowledge when it comes to dealing with measurements based on the relationships of lines and angles. Additionally, knowledge about solids and surfaces is also enhanced.
  • These coloring pages will aid in optimizing a teen’s ability to visualize in terms of shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Geometric coloring sheets will help ensure that a teen is able to productively make use of materials and activities that are concrete.
  • Geometrical coloring pages aid in the development of logical thinking skills.

Geometry is a subject that helps combine the power of both sides of the brain. The logical left side works with the visualize and creative right side to determine solutions to problems. By encouraging the two sides of the brain to work together, a teenager will not only improve in math, but, in ALL aspects of their academic life. If your teen is struggling with math, is frustrated with the skills and concepts in which they are being presented, or, seem apathetic to the subject, it is in your best interest to provide them with geometric coloring pages. Not only will this open their mind, it will open a whole new world of excitement and entertainment. As a result, the teen may start to actually enjoy math by seeing that there are many ways to have fun with the subject!

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