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Coloring Therapy Proven Effective in Eliminating Pain Among Fibromyalgia Sufferers

By May 9th 2016

If you are a fibromyalgia sufferer, it is quite likely that the most challenging of all symptoms that are experienced with the condition is the debilitating pain. If you are reading this, it is also quite likely that you suffer from indescribable pain on a daily basis.

By now, you have probably tried a multitude of over-the-counter and prescription-only pain relievers such as creams, ointments, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, and pain alleviation pills.

While many medications, creams, and ointments do offer some degree of relief, each of these medications also carry the possibility of unfavorable side effects.

Furthermore, many fibromyalgia sufferers are on a limited income due to their condition. As a result, there is not a lot of money available to pay for pain relievers. If you are ready to bypass the medications and want to try a treatment that is both natural and highly enjoyable, you should consider coloring therapy.

According to medical professionals and numerous studies, coloring therapy has been proven as an effective means of eliminating intolerable pain among fibromyalgia sufferers.coloring therapy

The Pain of Fibromyalgia
As a fibromyalgia sufferer, you know and understand that there are many different types of pain that you experience with the condition. First, you experience painful tender points throughout your body. Second, you suffer from deep muscle pain. It is likely that your back hurts in a seemingly unending manner and that you suffer from immense discomfort in your neck.

You may find that you are plagued by intense headaches and extreme deep-seated pain in the legs…. The list goes on and on. As a fibromyalgia sufferer, you experience pain in many ways – most of which, the average person would never completely understand.

There is an issue in the way that your body processes pain. This results in a massive amount of hypersensitivity that makes you experience pain when pain should not be experienced.

As a result, medications that are designed to treat pain in the average person simply may not work with you, a fibromyalgia sufferer….


Coloring for Pain? Wait, What?
Many simply do not believe that coloring therapy may prove to be effective in eliminating pain with fibromyalgia sufferers. An art specialist at the VCU Arts in Healthcare Program in the State of Virginia – Unicia Buster – has stated that when a person focuses on coloring activities, the pain receptors in the body are minimized.

Furthermore, coloring therapy requires an immense amount of focus. When a fibromyalgia sufferer focuses on coloring activities, they are not paying as much attention to the pain that they are experiencing.

Coloring requires focus and reduces pain receptors – it is as simple as that. In addition to this, coloring helps to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety. Fibromyalgia sufferers are more likely to experience vast amounts of pain when they are anxious or stressed. If coloring reduces anxiety and stress, less pain is experienced!

While it may seem unbelievable, coloring therapy really works! If you are a fibromyalgia sufferer and you want to eliminate the pain, click here today: Fibromyalgia Coloring Pages

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