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Coloring Therapy for Anxiety

By July 11th 2016

Coloring Therapy Helps Kids That Suffer from Anxiety

If your child suffers from anxiety, you want to take any measure to end that battle. In fact, you will likely agree that there is nothing worse than seeing your child suffering through anxiety and you stand by, virtually powerless, to help them.

Anxiety is absolutely devastating. It can rob your little one of the life and happiness that they deserve to experience and were meant to experience.

Joy, excitement, laughter, and fun quickly transform into sadness, frustration, social problems, and confidence issues for the child suffering from anxiety.

In recent years, it has been concluded that there is one simple task that may prove to be highly beneficial to the child suffering from anxiety – that is coloring.

coloring therapy for anxiety

How Does Coloring Help?
According to art therapy specialists, developmental specialists, and a wide range of medical professionals, coloring is a highly beneficial activity that soothes and calms a child.

As the child nestles down into the activity, many of the symptoms that they experience as a result of anxiety are naturally alleviated. Examples are as follows:

  • Kids that have anxiety often suffer from physical ailments for which no cause may be found. Examples include headaches and bellyaches. Those that are encouraged to color seem to have less physical complications after engaging in the activity.
  • Anxiety often results in the inability to concentrate and focus. Coloring helps a child to focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Additionally, those that color regularly are said to have marked improvements in cognitive functioning.
  • Anxiety causes a kid to develop tics and several types of nervous habits. Examples include pulling hair, biting the nails, and similar activities. Children that were encouraged to color experienced far fewer nervous behaviors than kids that did not color.
  • Moodiness, emotional outbursts, anger spells, and other types of emotional complications associated with anxiety are less likely to occur with kids that are encouraged to color to soothe the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Kids that are left to experience the full brunt of anxiety often strike out, trying to find ways to cope with their emotions. It is not uncommon for these kids to try alcohol, resort to drugs, or even cutting themselves. If these kids are encouraged to color, they are more likely to avoid engaging in potentially life-threatening behaviors.

It may be surprising to know that coloring could be the one activity that truly provides relief for a child suffering from anxiety; however, this fact is backed by a tremendous amount of research and evidence.

If you are tired of watching your child become anxious and overwhelmed over every little thing, struggling with their relationships, falling behind in school, and experience other problems that are common with the condition, buy them some art supplies and print them out some free coloring pages!

By taking this step today, your child is sure to experience many brighter tomorrows! For a variety of free coloring pages, visit us today:https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/

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