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Coloring Therapy Beneficial in Helping Kids That Have Experienced Interpersonal Violence

By July 24th 2017

According to psychologists and developmental specialists, coloring therapy is considered to be exceptionally beneficial among children that have experienced interpersonal violence. Child abuse – while always existent -is becoming increasingly prevalent. It is recognized as one of the most serious problems affecting today’s youth. The term “interpersonal violence” refers to a spectrum of complications which include verbal abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. If an act is initiated or an act is omitted that endangers a child or harms the physiological or psychological health of a child or is detrimental to their development, it is considered to be child abuse. When a child is subjected to abuse, it becomes deep-rooted in their persona and results in numerous adverse outcomes. In recent years, psychologists have confirmed that coloring therapy is a sound, safe, and effective option for helping kids cope with the interpersonal violence that they have suffered in their lifetime.


The Adverse Outcomes


Any type of interpersonal violence will – eventually – create an adverse outcome. That is a well-studied and conclusive fact. These outcomes may include disruptions in attachments, insecurity in attachments, mood problems and variances, behavioral difficulties, acute stress problems, the development of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and similar situations. Children that are able to engage in activities that are therapeutic are less likely to experience these types of adverse outcomes. However, kids that are not allotted that opportunity are more likely to internalize the experiences of interpersonal violence and experience the detriment of those experiences for the duration of their lifetime – even long after the abuse has come to a halt. If you know a child that has been subjected to any form of child abuse, you should seriously consider the benefits associated with coloring therapy and get them involved with this form of therapy as quickly as possible.


Coloring Therapy – A Brief Overview


Coloring therapy is a type of art therapy that is currently utilized in treating kids that are suffering from trauma-induced reactions to interpersonal violence. Artistic expression and play are often the most common methods that psychologists utilize in order to help kids reach a state of relaxation and comfortably address the abuse that they have been subjected to and resolve those experiences. This is based on the fact that these experiences often shut down the area of the brain known as “Broca’s Area”. By engaging in coloring therapy, this area of the brain is often reopened. As a result, kids are then able to successfully express and verbalize that which they have experienced. Communicating the pain associated with interpersonal violence is often the best coping mechanism for humans – whether young or old.


If you are the parent, teacher, doctor, neighbor, or friend of a child that has experienced interpersonal violence, pull out the coloring pages and the crayons. It may just be the best method for helping that kid address that which they have experienced, cope with the abuse, and overcome the abuse. We have several free coloring pages that you may print today. Simply visit us at: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/

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