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Coloring Pages Benefit Both Normal Kids and Disabled Kids

By August 12th 2016


Parents tend to think of coloring as not much more than something fun to keep kids occupied for a while. Coloring does much more than this though. While kids are having fun coloring pages that interest them, they are also learning and developing necessary skills.

benefits of coloring for all kids

benefits of coloring for all kids

The benefits kids get from coloring applies to disabled kids as much, if not more than it does to normal kids. Disabled kids who color regularly develop skills and confidence that might not otherwise happen. Normal kids who color are better prepared for learning when they start school. While in school, coloring continues to provide these benefits. Here are some of the benefits kids get from coloring.

  1. As children hold crayons or markers to color, they are learning how to hold a pen or pencil. This is a necessary skill for learning to write. Children’s fine motor skills develop and are strengthened during time spent coloring.
  2. Coloring helps children develop hand and eye coordination. As children learn to color within a specific area of the page rather than all over the page, the hand-eye coordination improves.
  3. Children learn how to be patient when coloring. They learn to take their time instead of rushing to get the results they want.
  4. Paying attention to details is learned from coloring. The more children color, the more they notice details in the pictures they color. This helps them develop observation skills as they begin to look at the details of everything they see.
  5. Color pages help children learn about perspective, form, shape and lines as well as colors and their various shades and tones. These skills are considered pre-math and pre-reading skills. This is a benefit that can become apparent when the children struggle less with learning to read and do math.
  6. Children learn planning skills because they decide which colors to use where and in what order they will be used. They learn how to organize and, along with patience, this helps them learn self-discipline.
  7. Children’s self-esteem gets a boost when they have a sense of pride in the art they create. Parents further this self-esteem when they show enjoyment in receiving the pictures the children have created.

These benefits are found at the Children’s Center for Growth website and the Let Kids Create blog site. Coloring has many wonderful benefits for both disabled and normal kids. One benefit for kids and their parents is using coloring time as an opportunity to enjoy spending time together.

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