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Coloring Offers Adults Numerous Therapeutic Benefits

By January 29th 2018


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Researchers and therapists have now confirmed that there are numerous therapeutic-based benefits associated with adult coloring activities.

For approximately one decade, many professionals have touted that there are many physiological and psychological benefits for adults that elect to engage in coloring therapy. In the year 2012, the very first of all adult-based coloring books were released to stores around the world. Since that induction, the act of adult coloring therapy has now grown into a massive, full-on trend that has resulted in the confirmation that there are immense health-related advantages associated with the common childhood activity. This has resulted in a tremendous jolt of grown-up attention.

Give crayons. Adults are disturbingly impoverished of these magical dream sticks….” – Dr. Sun Wolf

Once deemed an appropriate activity for keeping children occupied, coloring is now considered to be an activity that generates wellness, instills a sense of quietness, and improves mindfulness among all that engage in it. According to research, the exciting and fun-filled activity actually offers the mind and body the same immense benefits that are achieved through meditation, counseling, and years of therapy. In essence, coloring is – for a lack of better word – a “Nirvana” for the soul which partakes in it.

I love crayons – especially new crayons with no broken tips. I love how they smell – and how smooth they feel between my fingers. I love imagining what marvelous pictures the crayons will create. But what I love most of all are the colors – so many colors….” – Mary Wince

Cerebral Hemispheres Activate When Coloring

When coloring, both of the cerebral hemispheres completely activate, according to the research conducted by a psychologist named Gloria Martinez Ayala. In choosing colors for specific patterns and/or shapes, the analytical/logical component of the brain is activated. When combining colors, matching colors, and mixing colors, the creative component of the brain is activated. When these aspects of the brain come together in full unison, both of the cerebral hemispheres are activated. These not only control our vision, but they also optimize our fine motor skills and our coordination.

Coloring Aids in Stress Relief

Researchers have recently discovered that coloring activities assist in soothing and relaxing the part of the brain known as the “amygdala”. This component of the brain is known to activate in situations that result in fear, stress, and/or anxiety. It is the center for our emotions, the emotional-based behaviors that we indulge in, as well as our motivation levels. In relaxing this aspect of the brain, we are – essentially – rewiring the brain to destress and not to experience fear or other detrimental emotions.

Coloring Results in Deep Relaxation

Our minds are vast arrays of chatters, thoughts, and bouts of restlessness. Coloring aids in promoting deep relaxation by calming the parts of the mind that overwhelm us with their intense restlessness. In a sense, it places us in a state of meditation. It encourages us to focus on an enjoyable activity and de-concentrating on those activities that overwhelm us. Coloring places each of us in the present moment and encourages us to be more mindful. While soothing our minds to this advantageous state, it also soothes our bodies.

Art is your personal diary where you color your thoughts and emotions on a page….” – Sara from Los Cerros Middle School in 1999

Coloring Reduces the Symptoms of Many Illnesses

Adults that suffer from various illnesses and health conditions may discover that coloring is extremely helpful in reducing their symptoms. For example, calming the mind may reduce seizures in those with epilepsy, soothing the mind may aid in reducing blood pressure readings, relaxing may help reduce glucose levels in those suffering from diabetes, and the act of creating may calm the minds and bodies of those that suffer from disabling and painful conditions, such as arthritis.

Life lesson from the nursery: Broken crayons can still color….” – Unknown

Coloring Optimizes Intellect

While it is a known fact that coloring aids in our creativity, it is also a known fact that it optimizes our intellect. The art and act of coloring uses parts of the brain that are known for our ability to focus and to concentrate. Those same areas of the brain are directly responsible for solving problems, organization, and various high-level functions associated with the learning process. By engaging in coloring, you are preparing, encouraging, and helping the brain to learn.

Coloring Allows Us to Reconnect with Ourselves

Long work hours, appointments, family commitments, and other obligations not only take up a great deal of our time, but, they cause us to disconnect – in sorts – with ourselves. Coloring is a mindful activity that takes us away from all that distracts us and allows us to reconnect with who we are. Through the state of relaxation that we experience when we color, we may find ourselves remembering hobbies and activities that we once enjoyed, people that we have lost touch with, and things that we enjoy…things that make us who we are.

Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No….” – Pablo Picasso

Coloring is an Art, Not an Act

As you can see from the information contained in this comprehensive guide, there are many physical, emotional, and psychological benefits associated with coloring. This form of art therapy has the ability to replace negative aspects of our being with the positive. It has the ability to transform the mind. It has the ability to alter our physical health. Coloring is not a science. It is not an act. It is, by all accounts, an art.

It is an art that involves much more than lines, shapes, patterns, and physical colors. It is an art that reconnects us to the person that we were meant to be. It takes the dark lines of our past and cascades a light upon them in order to create the contours of our future. Coloring connects, expands, and creates. If you are ready to experience the joy and wonder of coloring for yourself, visit us today to obtain free coloring pages and free yourself: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/





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