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Coloring is GOOD for Kids!

By February 1st 2016

Coloring Proves to Be Highly Advantageous to Children
coloring is good for kids

According to psychologists, educators, and child development specialists, children benefit in numerous ways by engaging in one all-time favorite activity – coloring! What child does not like the smell and texture of a brand new box of crayons? The clean, crisp distinctive pages of a new coloring book or a printed coloring page is also favored among youngsters! Coloring is more than just an activity to past time or a means of keeping a child occupied. It is now a highly revered activity that offers numerous benefits! In this guide, we will expound on the top-rated advantages of this spectacular and exciting activity!

1. Coloring Improves a Child’s Motor Skills
According to many studies, the simple act of coloring aids in optimizing a child’s motor skills. Coloring requires a child to develop a precise grip on crayons. It involves many actions. It also results in numerous motions of the hands and the arms. As a result, the muscles and other soft tissues in the fingers, the hands, and the wrists are developed. Coloring will allow a child the ability to manipulate small items and will help in the development of handwriting skills. As the child grows, these motor skills will help them in activities such as writing, typing, and sports.

2. Coloring Improves Hand/Eye Coordination
In children, coordination is a skill that is consistently being developed. Coloring aids in fostering and strengthening the very important skill of hand/eye coordination. The act of choosing colors for their design, applying those colors to paper through the use of crayons, and sharpening those crayons will all help in the process of cultivating the hand/eye coordination skills of a youngster!

3. Coloring Aids in Color Awareness
When a child uses crayons to color, they will learn the colors that those crayons represent. Additionally, they will learn about light and dark, as well as the hues associated with various colors. It is a given that the primary colors will be learned; however, children will also learn about how to produce more subtle colors.

4. Coloring Aids in Spatial Awareness and Learning Boundaries
One of the most common phrases associated with coloring activities is, “stay in the lines”. This simple instruction helps children develop a solid understanding of boundaries and spatial awareness, in general. Coloring pages are highly beneficial in developing a solid sense of organized structure. In addition to this, coloring pages that have different designs will teach a child about lines, shapes, perspective, and patterns.

5. Coloring Stimulates Creativity in a Child
The fifth most popular benefit associated with coloring is the fact that this simple activity aids in stimulating the creativity of a child. This is the one activity where children may be as creative as their heart desires! They may color realistically, or, imaginatively! The choice is theirs and theirs alone! This burst of stimulation will help in the development of critical thinking skills and creative inspiration on multiple levels!

While coloring is a fun and engaging activity, it results in many benefits to the child that engages in it! Numerous studies are being performed to learn more about how coloring is advantageous to children! If you would like to learn more about the ways in which your child may benefit from this exciting activity, simply click on one of the resource links below:

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