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How Coloring Helps Kids Overcome Anxiety

By July 10th 2017

In recent years, mental health professionals have established the fact that coloring is considered to be highly beneficial in helping children overcome anxiety. Just take a step back and observe a child engaging in this favorite pastime. You will quickly find that they are totally engrossed in the activity and that they appear to be relaxed. Their level of calmness and their sense of tranquility is highly coveted by adults. Coloring opens up an enchanting world that we all desire to become a part of. While anxious children have a wide access to counseling, therapy, and medications, more and more parts and mental health specialists are turning to coloring and other types of art therapy in order to soothe the symptoms of anxious kids.




One of the most productive aspects of coloring when it comes to calming the anxious child is the fact that when they engage in this type of art therapy, they focus on the task – not the thoughts and feelings that are surfacing as a result of their anxiety. The varied colors, the remarkable shapes, the intrinsic patterns, and the act of bringing images to life aid in the relaxation of an anxious little one. As the child is permitted to place their focus on the imaginative world that they are bringing to life, their anxiousness will seemingly disappear.


Mood Enhancement


The next way that coloring helps an anxious child overcome their negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions is through mood enhancement. Numerous studies have concluded that engaging in art therapy is highly beneficial in lifting the spirits and correcting the overall mood of a kid. Children are able to use colors and unique designs to express their inner thoughts and perspective on the world that they are creating. They will experience a sense of accomplishment which will heighten their self-esteem and level of excitement. Before too long, the child will overcome the anxious symptoms in which they were previously plagued and will experience true happiness.


Brain Activation


Scientists have concluded that coloring is an activity that actually activates both hemispheres of the brain. As a result, the vision, motor skills, logic skills, and creativity is sparked. The part of the brain called the “amygdala” is then activated. This aids in the control of emotions. In normal circumstances, it is this part of the brain that results in high levels of anxiousness among children; however, when coloring, it actually seems to do the opposite – it relaxes the child and soothes the symptoms of anxiety. If you are ready to calm a child, pull out those coloring books, coloring sheets, crayons, and other art supplies! For free coloring pages that you may obtain now, visit our page today at: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/

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