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Coloring Aids in Relaxing the Brains of Both Adults and Children

By August 21st 2017

In recent years, coloring has gained an immense amount of popularity – not just with children, but adults, too! Shelves are lined with various types of coloring books that may be enjoyed by the young and the old. In the past, it was common to observe kids surrounded with colored pencils, crayons, and markers, intensely consumed by the swirls, lines, and other types of intricate patterns lining the pages of coloring books. Now, it is becoming increasingly common to see adults engaging in this same type of behavior. People of all ages are now losing themselves in exquisite backgrounds, detailed mandalas, and natural landscapes. These amazingly crafted worlds placed on the pages of coloring books are now a means for individuals to create and seek refuge from the “real” world. Coloring has always been an enjoyable activity that demands focus; now, research suggests, it is an activity that is capable of completely relaxing the brain – regardless of age.


The Benefits of Coloring


A clinical psychologist by the name of Scott Bea has recently expressed the fact that coloring is a type of activity that allows each of us to move outside of ourselves. He went on to explain that the activity requires a decent level of attention and also relaxes us, at the same time. He has outlined three main reasons why coloring is capable of benefiting both children and adults:


  1.  The first benefit – as stated previously – is the fact that coloring allows our attention span to flow or extend out from ourselves. Coloring is an activity that takes place “in the moment”. As a result of this fact, it is sort of meditative in nature. As a result, the brain is able to soothe itself and the mind/body enters into a relaxed state.
  2. When we color, the outcome of the activity is predictable. This means that the activity is “low-stakes”. It is not an arduous task that challenges our capabilities.
  3. When coloring, we do not engage in thoughts, self-doubt, and appraisals of ourselves. Instead, we simply focus on an activity that is both fun and simple. The challenges that we are faced with in life simply fade away. As a result, the brain becomes extremely relaxed. As the brain relaxes, the body relaxes, too!


Supporting Research


Despite the fact that research on coloring is considered to be exceptionally limited, the studies that have been performed over the past couple of years indicates that it is a highly beneficial activity for kids and adults, alike. The benefits far exceed the psychological, though. One study concluded that women who have cancer will experience fewer symptoms of the condition if they regularly engage in coloring therapy. Kids who are in the developmental stage of their youth are found to accumulate fine and gross motor skills more quickly. If you are in search of a fun-filled activity that will help your body and your mind, coloring is the way to go! Visit our page today for free coloring pages: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/

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