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Children and ADHD – Common Symptoms of Predominantly Hyperactive/Impulsive Children

By November 7th 2016


If you are interested in acquiring information about children and ADHD, it is important that you learn about the signs of ADHD that are directly related to the subtype identified among professionals as “Predominantly Hyperactive/Impulsive”.


Children that are diagnosed with this subtype are characterized as having an exceptionally high level of physical activity and, in many cases, a very short span of attention. In addition to this, the children will be identified as one that acts in an impulsive manner on a regular basis.

It is common for children with this subtype of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to experience complications in learning and to experience behavior based problems. While the predominantly hyperactive/impulsive subtype of ADHD is considered to be the least common form of the condition, medical professionals are starting to see an increase in the number of children diagnosed with this condition.

In this guide on children and ADHD, you will be introduced to the main signs of ADHD of children that are considered to be mainly hyperactive and impulsive.

Hyperactivity Signs of ADHD

In studying children and ADHD, you will discover that kids that are considered to be hyperactive consistently seem to be in a constant state of motion. These children are described as those that constantly dash around.

They seem to want to touch and play with whatever they may find. It is also common to find that they talk in an incessant manner. Internally, the child may feel extremely restless. In addition to these common hyperactivity signs of ADHD in children, the following symptoms may be displayed:

  • You may find that the child fidgets and squirms in their seat frequently.
  • Talking nonstop is one of the most common hyperactivity signs of ADHD in children.
  • When learning about children and ADHD hyperactivity, you will learn that a common symptom is the inability to sit still – especially during meals and at school.
  • The child with hyperactive symptoms will often find it very difficult to engage in tasks or activities that are of a quiet nature.

Impulsive Signs of ADHD

When learning about children and ADHD, you will discover that those that experience impulsive signs of ADHD have difficulty in curbing their immediate responses and reactions before taking action. In addition to this, these children experience issues in thinking thoroughly before they take action.

It is common for the child to engage in activities or make choices that result in immediate gratification, rather than participating in activities or making choices that require higher amounts of effort, but result in delayed results and/or rewards. In addition to this, the following outline common impulsive signs of ADHD:

  • It is very common for impulsive ADHD children to blurt out comments that are considered to be inappropriate.
  • The child may not show any restraint when it comes to their emotions. It is common for emotional outbursts to occur, without regard for consequences that may occur as a direct result of their behavior.
  • The child may appear impatient and unwilling to wait on things, such as taking their turn when it is appropriate to do so.
  • It is common for ADHD kids that display impulsivity to interrupt the activities and/or the conversations of those around them. 

When learning about children and ADHD, it is common to find that impulsivity and hyperactivity are the most commonly observed symptoms associated with the condition.

The symptoms associated with these behaviors often impact the child’s academic performance, their socialization and their relationships within the home. There are many treatments available for children and ADHD.

If you notice that a child is experiencing signs of ADHD, it is advised that you discuss the issues with the child’s pediatrician. The medical professional will then make a referral to a specialist that has the ability to evaluate the child and make an official diagnosis, if it is deemed appropriate.

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