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3 Amazing Benefits for Parents and Children That Color Together During Holiday Break

By December 26th 2017

Coloring Santa for the holidays

Now that holiday break is in full swing, it is likely that you are in the process of coming up with creative ways to spend quality time with your children. Temperatures are plummeting, the winds are harsh, rain is falling in some areas while snow is touching down in other areas of the world. While building snowmen, having a snow ball fight, and ice skating are wonderful outdoor activities, you and your children cannot spend all of your time outdoors. When you are ready to come in, and warm up next to the fireplace, why not spend a little time coloring? In this guide, you will learn about 3 amazing benefits for parents and children that color together during holiday break.


Benefit #1: Coloring Aids in Self-Expression


According to numerous studies and psychology professionals, self-expression is a necessary human need. Throughout history, we have often depended on Maslow’s unique hierarchy of needs to determine that which we each need, which identifies our needs from top to bottom, or more basic to more complex as the following:


  1. Physiological Needs
  2. Safety Needs
  3. Love and/or the Sense of Belonging
  4. Esteem
  5. Self-Actualization


Self-expression, in terms of Maslow, would fall directly under the top of the pyramid, “self-actualization”. While self-actualization directly refers to our full potential and the realization of our full potential, self-expression aids in the preservation of our psychological health. We all have an inner need to create. Coloring with your child allows them the opportunity to create and allows you the opportunity to create; in term, this self-expression aids in the process of self-actualization. The benefits of self-expression through coloring with your kids over holiday break include the following:


  1.  Self-expression through coloring allows both you and your child to experience happiness.
  2. Self-expression through coloring provides you the opportunity to help your child to develop socially and in terms of their personality.
  3. Self-expression through coloring with your child will allow you each to connect with each other on a more personal level.


Benefit #2: Coloring Provides a Release


By the time that the holiday break arrives, your child has gone through two semesters at school, a half of two different school years, all situations that have occurred throughout the year, as well as many changes and growth – both on a physical and mental level. You, too, have experienced a years’ worth of work, challenges, and responsibilities. It is time to relax and unwind. Coloring will provide you both with the release that you need to preserve your mental health so that you may start out the New Year fresh.


Benefit #3: Quality Time


The third benefit of coloring with your kids over holiday break is that it provides a way to enjoy quality time together. Coloring is an inexpensive, yet highly enjoyable activity. A few supplies and you are off to hours of entertainment. If you are ready to get started, visit us today for a wide selection of absolutely FREE coloring pages: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/







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