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The Benefits of Coloring Therapy for Adults

By April 11th 2016

The Psychological and Physiological Benefits of Coloring Therapy for Adults

In the past several years, medical and mental health specialists have determined that coloring therapy has many psychological and physiological benefits for adults.

Coloring books and coloring sheets were exciting activities just for kids; however, in today’s world, these activities are becoming increasingly popular among adult populations around the world.

Therapists, researchers, and medical professionals have expressed the calming benefits of these activities for well over ten years; however, it was not until Crayola released the ever-popular coloring books designed for adults that coloring therapy started emerging as a trend among the grown-ups.


It all started in December of 2015 when Crayola released markers, colored pencils, and an adult coloring books series called “Color Escapes”. While coloring activities geared towards adults were released as early as 2012, Crayola’s hand in the niche has resulted in a new, emerging trend.

The Psychological Benefits
The organization known as the American Art Therapy Association has stated that coloring/art therapy that helps individuals to explore the feelings that they have, engage in the activity of reconciling the emotional-based conflicts of their mind, and increase their level of self-awareness.

Additionally, it has been determined that coloring therapy is beneficial in helping people develop social skills, improve their self-esteem, improve their orientation with reality, and reduce anxiety. Furthermore, coloring therapy has been found to be highly productive in managing behaviors and overcoming addictions.

In the past, coloring therapy was simply viewed upon as a means of personal expression. Today, it is considered to be a highly beneficial activity that positively contributes to various aspects of a person’s mental health.

The Physiological Benefits
In addition to fostering positive mental health, coloring therapy also provides many physiological benefits. This creative activity helps a person focus on the moment.

It is soothing.

As the body calms and the mind begins to “feel good”, the body starts to feel good, too!

Individuals with certain types of medical issues and conditions have discovered that they experience vast improvements after engaging in coloring therapy.

For example, those with high blood pressure have found that their readings return to normal.

Those with fibromyalgia have found that they experience fewer flare ups.

Individuals that suffer from immune-based complications find that they experience fewer illnesses.

Furthermore, those with serious health issues – such as cancer – have found that, after participating in coloring therapy, their illness seems to slow down.

If you want to improve your focus, improve your mood, improve your self-esteem, and improve your health, coloring can help! By starting coloring therapy sessions today, you may experience many healthier tomorrows!

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