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Art Therapy for Anxiety can Help

By February 20th 2017

art therapy for anxiety

art therapy for anxiety

Art Therapy Considered Highly Productive for Anxiety Sufferers

According to numerous psychologists and medical doctors, art therapy is now considered to be a highly productive navigation measure for those that suffer from anxiety. An abundance of conclusive data from several studies is now available that establishes that art therapy has the ability to successfully calm the various components of the nervous system. When an individual places their focus on the task of creating, the mind’s attention span shifts from the bothersome ruminations associated with anxiety to more positive and productive activities.

As the attention shifts from the anxiety, the nervous system then has the full capability of starting the process of regulation. This, then, provides us with a higher level of access to the brain, to the emotions, to our ability to experience empathy, and the compassion that dwells within each of us. As a result, we are each more capable of reaching a level of mindfulness that allows us to process the difficulties of life and the world in which we reside with a higher level of ease.

In addition to aiding in the regulation of the nervous system, art therapy is highly beneficial in helping anxiety sufferers express themselves in a nonverbal manner. As a result, we are able to successfully veer away from the thoughts in which we are so often bound to a visual-based expression of the external forces that are resulting in the development of an anxiety attack. We are then able to see things in a totally new perspective.

Each of us have an inner core of vitality. This may prove to be exceptionally invigorating – especially to the anxiety sufferer. By engaging in art therapy, we are allowing the anxiety in which we suffer to express itself in a creative fashion. We are reaching a level of calmness. Art therapy is considered to be a simple endeavor that is safe to engage in; therefore, we have a higher level of security. Art therapy transitions the bonded to the free. It helps the unexplained become explained. It helps take the mystery out of the mayhem. It is an activity that may be enjoyed at all ages – by a broad number of people. If you suffer from anxiety and want to escape its vicious grips, start by engaging in simple, artistic tasks – such as drawing, painting, and/or coloring.

Your artistic nature will take you from the depths of despair to the level of your potential.

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