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Adult Coloring at Work? You’re not fired.

By June 13th 2016

adult coloring

adults coloring

Adult Coloring Activities Now Promoted Within the Workplace to Boost Productivity

If you are in search of a method that will boost productivity within the workplace, art therapists now recommend promoting adult coloring among employees. According to numerous studies, coloring is highly productive in boosting creativity and optimizing the memory. It aids in reducing stress levels and improving engagement within the workplace.

The brain is fond of color. Color sorts information within the brain and helps the brain to stay actively engaged. If you own, operate, and/or manage a company, it only makes sense to bring coloring activities into the workplace for your employees. Not only will you find that it makes for a happier work environment, but, you will find that the productivity levels within your business skyrocket.

adult coloring books

adult coloring books

Colors Have Been Boosting Businesses All Throughout History
Businesses have been using colors to promote their services and products all throughout history. Take a look at advertisements. Once color printing was made available these displays transitioned from black-and-white to color. Brand and corporate logos from businesses and corporations throughout the world are in color. In fact, it has been established that color improves brand recognition by – at least – 80%.

If you use color to communicate with consumers, that information will be read nearly 50% more than information presented in black-and-white. Coloring is an activity that switches the brain “on”. If you want to boost productivity levels in the workplace, you need to start by switching on the “brains” that work for you. One of the most efficient and entertaining ways of accomplishing this goal is to promote coloring activities within the workplace.

adult coloring

adult coloring

How Coloring Helps People
When an individual engages in the act of coloring, the brain is stimulated and “turned on” – as previously mentioned. As a result of this, coloring has been proven to be advantageous in the following ways:

  • Coloring helps to maintain the attention span of those that engage in the art therapy form.
  • People who color are more engaged than those that do not color.
  • Employees who color are able to successfully connect memories from meetings and lectures within the workplace.
  • Individuals that color are able to successfully recall more information than those that do not color.
  • Individuals that use coloring pages and coloring books as adults are more successful in encoding information.
  • Coloring helps employees learn new information faster and help them retain it in a more productive manner.
  • Coloring helps to enhance an individual’s creativity.
  • Coloring helps to reduce stress, which optimizes the health. As a result, you will see significantly less sick days in the workplace.
coloring for adults

coloring for adults

You see them everywhere – adult coloring books and specially-designed coloring pencils, pens, markers, and crayons that are marketed to adults. While most will state that they purchase and utilize these relatively expensive items to relax, the truth is, coloring as a form of art therapy offers numerous benefits. The good news is; you do not have to purchase these expensive over-the-counter items to reap the rewards of coloring!

We have free adult coloring pages that you may use in the workplace to boost productivity: Adult Coloring

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