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3 Benefits of Adult Coloring Therapy

By August 19th 2016

We often view coloring as an activity for kids. For years, coloring has kept kids occupied, helped them develop motor skills, and have opened up the imagination of children. Today, we are starting to find that there are many therapeutic benefits for adults that elect to color. Adult Coloring Therapy is very beneficial.

Coloring is an activity that generates physiological and psychological wellness, increases mindfulness, and aids in the reduction of stress. Adult coloring books, adult coloring adds, and even free coloring page printables available on the internet are all wonderful means of benefiting from this fun activity. In this brief guide, we will outline the top 3 therapeutic benefits for adults that choose to color.

3 Benefits of Adult Coloring Therapy

adult coloring therapy

adult coloring therapy

Benefit #1: Coloring Activates the Brain

One of the main benefits to coloring is that it requires both creativity and logic. This means that the activity activates the brain – as a whole. Logic is required when we choose a color and interpret the shapes and patterns on the page that we are coloring. When we start to mix things up with the colors, we are using the creative part of the brain. By incorporating both of these parts of the brain, we are also activating the areas of the brain that are responsible for our vision, our coordination, and our fine-based motor skills.

Benefit #2: Coloring Calms the Mind and the Body

Many have discovered that, when they color, they enter a state of relaxation that allows them to completely de-stress and focus on the task at hand. Coloring is a form of meditation for many adults. It reduces anxiety and depression. It helps a person “feel good” about themselves and their creation. It eliminates panic. In fact, coloring is so beneficial in these aspects that many professionals consider coloring to be a prelude to traditional therapy for several of the mental-based disorders – such as anxiety and depression. If you want to feel better, you should color!

Benefit #3: Coloring Aids in Re-Discovery of Self

It is not at all uncommon for many adults to find themselves feeling as if they are in a rut in life. This could be an endless cycle of responsibilities, a less-than-enjoyable job, and similar events that make them feel as if they have “lost” themselves. Few people realize it, but, by coloring, an adult may actually re-discover who they are! Coloring helps people step out of their normal routine and relaxes them. It helps to calm the senses and reduce stress. People may reconnect with who they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing in their lives.

Coloring is a fun and exciting activity. There is nothing quite like spending a few quiet minutes with coloring pages and a box of fresh crayons or sharpened colored pencils. Long gone are the days when coloring was viewed as a “kids-only” activity. In fact, most therapists and educators encourage adults to color!

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