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Water Third Grade Word Search Third Grade Word Search

What better way to have fun learning than with puzzles and games. Our Third Grade Word Search can do just that. Keep your 3rd graders busy with a fun challenge. Help them improve word recognition, pattern recognition, spelling and keep their brains busy. Print all of our sheets for free. When you’re done with these […]

At the Beach Summer Word Search Puzle Summer Word Search Puzzles

Summer Word Search Puzzles are a really fun way to keep little brains active. Enjoy the beach, a road trip, summer sports, the water… all with word search. Find the summer words and have a fun and inspiring vacation. Print all of our word search puzzles for free. Summer Word Search Puzzles

2nd Grade Word Search Puzzles 2nd Grade Word Search

2nd Grade Word Search puzzles are a great way to keep your kids busy while teaching them vocabulary, word recognition and spelling. I can’t think of a better, and more fun way to practice than a game. Word Searches are the ultimate in games because you can do them almost any time, anywhere and you […]

1st Grade Word Search Winter Sports 1st Grade Word Search

Word Search puzzles are such a fun way for kids to learn to spell, read and recognize words. 1st Graders need special words suited for them and we have them. 1st Grade spelling lists in the form of a word search game? What could be more fun? Help them along their reading journey. Print them […]

Celebrate Earth Day Word Search Earth Day Word Search

Earth Day word search puzzles help kids learn the words associated with the holiday. Help them work on spelling, grammar, word recognition and writing, all while getting in the spirit of Earth Day. What can you reuse? What can you recycle? How can you be a good steward of the earth? Print all of our […]

Frozen Disney Word Search Disney Word Search

Disney Word Search Puzzles can help your kids exercise their brain while enjoying their favorite Disney movies. Practice word recognition, spelling, cognitive function all while having fun with a word search puzzle. Add more fun with a Disney theme. We have many to choose from, including some of their favorite movies and characters. Download all […]

Printable St Patricks Day Word Search St Patricks Day Word Search

A St Patrick’s Day Word Search is the perfect way to get in the spirit of St Pattys Day. Gear yourself up, get a little green and find the words. Its sure to make a fun holiday. We have many word search puzzles to choose from. Easy ones for the younger kids and harder ones […]

Easy Easter Word Search Puzzle Easter Word Search Puzzles

Easter Word Search is a great way to get kids excited for the Easter holiday. Put their brains to work, have some quiet time, or join in the fun. Word Search puzzles are an excellent activity for school, Easter parties, or just for home. We have some easy word search puzzles and some more difficult […]

Printable Valentines Day Word Search Valentines Word Search

A Valentines Word Search is such a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and exercise your brain at the same time. Find the words that give you the warm fuzzies and share the love with someone special. Some are easy for the younger kids, some harder for teens and adults. You’ll be busy all day. […]

Print Spring Word Search Spring Word Search

Spring Word Search puzzle activities are a great way for your kids to learn new words. Word Search games help your child find and identify words, build vocabulary and reinforce spelling. And they’re fun, too. They can keep your kids entertained for hours. Spring is the season when everything comes alive. Keep your child’s brain […]

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